The Everywhere Classroom





Enter the room - right where you are


Look eye to eye across a virtual desk with a panoramic view of other students in the class and the instructor. Through a delivery platform that adapts to the dynamics of the classroom. participants can interact naturally and the instructor can coach and monitor progress for each student. Whether participating from home, office or in class with the instructor, all learners will have the sense that they are in the same room.


collaboration, interaction, discussion - all standard

Students complete labs and exercises using live software within a collaborative environment. Combined with presentation tools, interactive whiteboards, and instructional aids, our instructors can teach distance learners just as though they were actually present in the room.


remote teams, multiple sites - no problem


Providing consistent training to participants at multiple sites within a collaborative training environment has never been easier. Eliminating travel, training related to complex technical implementations spanning multiple sites becomes incredibly cost effective and an enjoyable and collaborative experience.






Simply the best, most advanced training delivery model available anywhere
only from TekSource Corporate Learning



Do I need any special hardware or software?


You probably are well equipped already. In order to participate in The Everywhere Classroom you'll need the following: