About TekSource Corporate Learning

TekSource Corporate Learning is a 100% Canadian owned and operated training and learning solutions company with our head office location in Toronto. We provide personalized training solutions to our corporate and government clients across the country either at their locations, through our unique Everywhere Classroom or at one of our training facilities in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal or Vancouver.

What makes TekSource Unique?

Our Focus

While corporate training has traditionally been focused on courses, certifications and classroom instruction; TekSource has been innovative by focussing on our customers' goals and delivering personalized training solutions to address them.

Instead of trying to make your business goals fit a course,
we create a training program that helps you reach your goals.


Our Course Delivery Model

Because of the wide variety of delivery options, you can probably take the courses you need sooner and with fewer restrictions. We’re flexible, nimble and adaptable.

Quality Instruction

Our Certified Instructors don't just have certifications - they have experience, and their passion for the technologies that they teach comes across in the course delivery. TekSource trainers keep up to date with industry changes through both certification and client consulting which means that they can teach it because they've done it.


TekSource is customer focused.

From our carefully considered recommendations, to the detailed information provided before the training event, through to the thorough follow up and ongoing professional development recommendations afterwards, TekSource offers a support model and customer care experience that sets it apart as an industry leader. 

Experienced, Qualified Staff

With over 30 years experience in the industry, we have a network of resources and a solid understanding what’s required to act as training advisors for our clients. We guide customers towards best practices so that they achieve outstanding results