Security+, CPTE, CPTC, CDFE, CISSO, CEH, VMTraining Certified Instructor and Mile2 Certified
Duane has had considerable experience in the IT industry over the last two decades; his special focus is undertaking training and consultation to match business, training and public needs for related IT environment. While in college he developed and sold proprietary software applications and provided consulting for large agribusiness enterprises. He then made the transition to the IT security and virtualization fields as a full-time administrator, consultant and instructor.
His ability to absorb and understand the general operation of organizations has enabled him to gather his experience into a focused approach, bringing unique and valuable solutions to clients’ needs. Duane has worked for or with most U.S. and some foreign military branches, U.S. government agencies, banking and regulatory industries and Fortune 500 companies. Duane contributed to the coordination and execution of IT counter-hacking & security courses for the US Marine Corps, US Army, US Air Force, U.S. Treasury, Sprint, IBM, Washington Mutual and Service Canada. Duane’s consulting and training undertakings usually revolve around highly specialized Penetration Testing, Forensics, VMware solutions and general IT security events.
In addition, Duane develops customized and blended security curriculum. Duane has also appeared as an expert witness for several court hearings for IT related matters. His tremendous experience in the field has made him a first rate trainer capable of illustrating his lessons with real life examples.
He confesses that in the spectrum of IT Security he has a passion for Penetration Testing, both as Trainer and Consultant.