TekSource Values Partners

TekSource is a unique Microsoft Partner for Learning Solutions that truly understands the Microsoft Partner Community - If you’ve attended a great partner readiness event  you may have already benefited from our facilities or instructors.
Every day Microsoft Partners entrust their clients’ training needs to TekSource because we recognize that every technology project and every customer is unique. Our objective is always to provide the right training so that both your clients and your business are more successful.
Partnering with TekSource allows you to provide an additional level of support to your clients through an established industry leader with expertise and experience in the delivery of innovative training solutions.


The Right Solution through Collaboration

When working with Partners, TekSource approaches training solutions from a project perspective. The same business need that initiated the investment in technology needs to drive the content that we include in a training program for your client.
Rather than defaulting to off the shelf and scheduled courses, we invest time with you and your client upfront to understand the skills that your project team (either on the partner side or the client side) needs to make the project successful and drive adoption of new technology. This collaborative approach allows us to identify course materials and content that will most effectively address your customer's requirements.
We then create training programs specific to your need and that meet your timeline and budget. This approach provides you focused training that is relevant to your goals and that saves your organization time and money.

Training Delivery


We think giving customers more freedom, greater flexibility, easier scheduling options and a more comprehensive training experience is the way training should be provided. This is why TekSource has invested significant resources in developing delivery solutions that make it easier for our clients to get the training they need:



  • The Everywhere Classroom provides an immersive learning environment for remote participants

  • Our (R)evolution Mentored Trainingmodel makes it easy for individuals to learn at their own pace with the support of an in class instructor.

  • Our Training On The Go mobile computer lab brings the classroom to any office or conference location with an internet connection and a whiteboard.


Combined with traditional classroom instruction, on-site instruction, and deskside support, your organization can be assured that TekSource can provide the most effective training solution to meet your need.

Unlike traditional training, our range of training delivery models means you can complete the training you need sooner, and with fewer restrictions. We’re flexible, nimble and adaptable.

It’s Easy to Work With TekSource


TekSource makes it easy to provide training support for your clients as a component of your value proposition. We provide a straightforward and flexible process, competitive pricing and single point of contact so that you always know who to call.


More Satisfied Clients


Training your clients simply makes good business sense. Giving your customers the requisite knowledge they need to successfully adopt your Microsoft solutions will allow you to focus on your business strengths while giving your customer the confidence to implement your solution effectively. When your customers are prepared, implementations happen quicker, customer satisfaction goes up and you will receive more referrals and renewals.




Your location, your client’s location or across North America; TekSource can provide service where you need us. TekSource works with a network of training facilities across Canada and the United States to provide in-class instruction, or we can design a customized training experience at your office or client site. TekSource is also the only source for The Everywhere Classroom, a unique remote delivery model that brings the classroom experience to off-site project teams.