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Word 2010: Advanced

Unit 01 - Using Mail Merge
Topic A: Form Letters
Topic B: Data Sources for the Recipient List
Topic C: Mailing Labels and Envelopes

Unit 02 - Objects and Backgrounds
Topic A: Inserting Content from Other Applications
Topic B: Changing the Document Background

Unit 03 - Working with Forms
Topic A: Creating Forms
Topic B: Protecting Forms
Topic C: Sharing and Securing Documents

Unit 04 - Using Macros
Topic A: Recording and Running Macros
Topic B: Modifying and Deleting Macros

Unit 05 - Customizing Word
Topic A: Customizing the Ribbon
Topic B: Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar
Topic C: Customizing Keyboard Shortcuts

Unit 06 - Long Documents
Topic A: Master Documents
Topic B: Tables of Contents and Figures
Topic C: Indexes, Bibliographies, and Other References
Topic D: Bookmarks and Cross-References
Topic E: Web Frames

Unit 07 - XML Features
Topic A: Working with XML

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