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VMware View 5.1 Ultimate Bootcamp

Chapter 1: Course Introduction and Methodology

Chapter 2: Overview of VMware View
Topic 1: VMware View Components
Topic 2: VMware View Licensing and Requirements
Chapter 3: Planning, Sizing and Design Considerations
Topic 1: VMware View Reference Architecture
Topic 2: Other Architecture Briefs
Topic 3: Design Process
Chapter 4: Installation of VMware View
Topic 1: Installation Overview
Topic 2: Installing Connection Server (HOL)
Topic 3: Installing Composer (HOL)
Topic 4: Configuring View Manager (HOL)
Chapter 5: Creating your first Virtual Desktop
Topic 1: Who are the Clients
Topic 2: Managing View Desktops Overview
Topic 3: Virtual Machine Desktop Considerations (HOL)
Topic 4: Display Protocols
Chapter 6: Deploying Virtual Desktops
Topic 1: Sizing and Configuration
Topic 2: Unified Access - Managing Non-VMware Desktops (HOL)
Topic 3: Automated Desktop Pools (HOL)
Topic 4: Managing Desktop Pools (HOL)
Topic 5: Scripting Pool Management
Topic 6: Roaming Profiles & Persona Management
Chapter 7: Client Configuration
Topic 1: Client Access
Topic 2: VMware View Client (HOL)
Topic 3: Thin Clients
Topic 4: Local Mode
Topic 5: Virtual Printing (HOL)
Chapter 8: Load Balancing and Replica Servers
Topic 1: Scaling Out with Replica Connection Servers (HOL)
Topic 2: Load Balancing and Fault Tolerance
Chapter 9: Security and Remote Access
Topic 1: Port Utilization
Topic 2: Security Roles and Administration
Topic 3: Managing Remote Users (HOL)
Topic 4: Controlling Desktops by Connection Server
Topic 5: Smart Cards and SecurID
Chapter 10: VMware ThinApp
Topic 1: ThinApp Overview and Installation
Topic 2: ThinApp Operation (HOL)
Topic 3: Customizing the Application Package
Topic 4: Testing and Updating (HOL)
Topic 5: Capturing Internet Explorer 6.0 (HOL)
Topic 6: Integrating ThinApp with View 4.5 (HOL)
Topic 7: Troubleshooting and Best Practices
Chapter 11: Monitoring VMware and View
Topic 1: Tools for Optimization
Topic 2: VM Performance Monitoring (HOL)
Topic 3: Resource Pools
Topic 4: Configuring Alarms (HOL)
Topic 5: ESX and vCenter Logs (HOL)

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4 days


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