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vSphere 4x to 5.0 Upgrade

Chapter 1
Overview of vSphere 5.0
Covers vSphere 4 new features and enhanced functionality

Chapter 2
Upgrade or migrate to vSphere 5.0
Covers all of the ways to migrate, or upgrade your complete Virtual Environment to vSphere 5.0
HOL – Upgrade vCenter from 4.1 U1 to 5.0
HOL – Upgrade VMware Update Manager
HOL – Upgrade ESXi 4.1 U1 to ESXi 5
HOL – Upgrade Virtual Machines (VMware Tools, Hardware Version 7 to 8)

Chapter 3
Managing the vSphere Administration
Covers new Administration features (vCenter Appliance, vSphere 5 Web management, esxcli, localcli) for better monitoring and management of ESX/ESXi hosts and VMs; Host deployment enhancements (Image Builder, Auto Deploy Server); new Update Manager features
HOL – vSphere 5 Web Management Interface

Chapter 4
Covers new networking features of vSphere 5 to including Network Monitoring and Troubleshooting (NetFlow, Port Mirror), Management and Configuration (LLDP), Network I/O Control Enhancements or NIOC (User defined Resource Pools, vSphere Replication Traffic, IEEE 802.1P tagging)
HOL – vNetwork Distributed Switch User Defined Resource Pools

Chapter 5
Covers new storage features for better performance, reduced storage costs, and lower management overhead (VMFS-5, Datastore Clusters, Storage Awareness and Profile Driven Storage, VAAI Acceleration for NFS, Software FCoE, Storage DRS, VMware Storage Appliance (VSA), SSD handling, new Storage I//O Control)
HOL – Implementing VMFS-5
HOL – Storage Cluster and Storage DRS

 Chapter 6
Covers VMware High Availability (HA) enhancements with new DPM features and Master/Slave nodes, VMware’s new Fault Tolerance features, new vCenter Server heartbeat
HOL – HA Cluster and setup Heartbeat Datastores

Chapter 7
Security Enhancements
Covers the new Security Enhancements of vSphere 4 to include ESXi 5 Firewall and AD Integration, intro to vShield 5
HOL – Implementing ESXi 5 Firewall
HOL – ESXi 5 AD Integration

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