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VMware vSphere 5.1 Ultimate Bootcamp

Chapter 1
Course Introduction and Methodology (HOL)

Chapter 2
Virtualization Overview and What’s New in vSphere 5.1

Chapter 3
Planning and Installing ESXi 5.1 (VMware vSphere Hypervisor)

Planning ESXi 5.1 Server Deployment
Deployment Guidelines
ESXi 5.1 Image Builder
ESXi 5.1 Server Install (HOL)
Configuring Hostname Resolution and NTP (HOL)
Troubleshooting ESXi 5.1 Server

Chapter 4
Using Tools to Administer a VMware Environment

Overview of 3rd Party Tools
ESXi Management (vSphere Client, NEW V5 esxcli, vCLI, vMA, Putty, PowerCLI, Web) (HOL)
Troubleshooting the vSphere Client (VIC)

Chapter 5
vCenter Server 5.1 and Licensing

Demystifying vSphere 5.1 Licensing
vCenter Server 5.1 Installation (HOL)
vCenter Server 5.1 Virtual Appliance
vCenter Server 5.1 Inventory (HOL)
Managing vCenter Server 5.1 (HOL)
vCenter Solutions Manager
Planning vCenter Server 5.1 Deployment
Troubleshooting vCenter Server 5.1 Deployment

Chapter 6
Configuring Networking

Create & Modify Virtual Networks (HOL)
Create & Modify Virtual Networks using CLI (HOL)
vNetwork Distributed Virtual Switches & NIOC (HOL)
Network Monitoring and Troubleshooting (NetFlow, Port Mirror, LLDP, 802.1p Tagging)

Chapter 7
Configuring Storage

Storage Concepts, Storage Awareness & Profile Driven Storage
iSCSI Storage (GUI & Command Line) (HOL)
Fibre Channel Storage & Software FCoE (GUI & Command Line)
VMFS 5 Datastores and SSD (GUI & Command Line) (HOL)
NAS Storage and NFS Datastores (GUI & Command Line) (HOL)
vSphere Storage Appliance (VSA)
Raw Device Mapping (RDM) (HOL)

Chapter 8
VM Creation and Configuration & Snapshots

Create a VM (HOL)
Create Multiple VMs, Templates & Clones(HOL)
Virtual Appliances (HOL)
VMware vCenter Standalone Converter (P2V, V2V) (HOL)
Manage VMs (HOL)
Virtual Machine Startup/Shutdown (HOL)
Virtual Machine Snapshots (HOL)
vSphere 5.1 Web Client (HOL)
Troubleshooting Virtual Machines

Chapter 9
Security and Permissions

Controlling User Access and passwords (HOL)
ESXi 5 AD Integration (HOL)
Managing ESXi 5.1 Firewall (GUI & Command Line)(HOL)
VMSafe and vShield Zones

Chapter 10
Server and VM Monitoring

Configuring Alarms (HOL)
VM Optimization for vSphere 5.1 Licensing (HOL)
Optimizing Resources
Monitor VM Performance (HOL)
Using NetFlow Tool (HOL)
ESXi, vCenter Logs and syslog (HOL)

Chapter 11
Advanced ESXi and vCenter Management

Storage Views & Topology Maps
Storage VMotion and SvMotion Snapshots (HOL)
Configuring VMotion (HOL)
Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) (HOL)
Resource Pools and Monitoring (HOL)
Storage DRS (SDRS) (HOL)
Host Profiles (HOL)
VSphere 5 Auto Deploy (GUI & Command Line)
Linked Mode Group of vCenter Servers

Chapter 12
Patching and Upgrading vCenter/ESX/ESXi

Patching ESXi 5.1 (HOL)
Patching with Update Manager (HOL)
Upgrades and Migrations (ESX to ESXi)
Upgrading from ESXi 4.x to ESXi 5.x

Chapter 13
Disaster Recovery, Backup and Deployment

Site Recovery Manager 5 (SRM5)
High Availability (HA) & Fault Domain Manager (FDM) (HOL)
VM Fault Tolerance
Microsoft Clustering
Backup Strategies
VMware Data Recovery (HOL)
Third Party Backups (HOL)

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