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SISAS: Implementing Cisco Secure Access Solutions

Live Online Training

The virtual environment we use enhances the learners training while providing the flexibility to join our classes from anywhere in the world with a browser. By logging into our virtual environments, you will feel like you are in person taking the class. A comprehensive yet simple GUI provides easy access to the instructor's presentation with a front row seat in real time.  

Lesson 1: Threat Mitigation Through Identity Services

  • Topic 1A: Identity Services
  • Topic 1B: 802.1X and EAP
  • Topic 1C: Identity System Quick Start

Lesson 2: Cisco ISE Fundamentals

  • Topic 2A: Cisco ISE Overview
  • Topic 2B: Cisco ISE PKIPKI
  • Topic 2C: Cisco ISE Authentication
  • Topic 2D: Cisco ISE External Authentication

Lesson 3: Advanced Access Control

  • Topic 3A: Certificate-Based User Authentication
  • Topic 3B: Authorization
  • Topic 3C: Cisco TrustSec and MACsec

Lesson 4: Web Authentication and Guest Access

  • Topic 4A: Deploying WebAuth
  • Topic 4B: Deploying Guest Service

Lesson 5: Endpoint Access Control Enhancements

  • Topic 5A: Deploying Posture Service
  • Topic 5B: Deploying Profiler Service
  • Topic 5C: Implementing BYOD

Lesson 6: Access Control Troubleshooting

  • Topic 6A: Troubleshooting Network Access Controls

Hands On Labs

Lab 1: Bootstrap Identity System

Lab 2: Enroll Cisco ISE in PKI

Lab 3: Implement MAB and Internal Authentication

Lab 4: Implement External Authentication

Lab 5: Implement EAP-TLS

Lab 6: Implement Authorization

Lab 7: Implement Central WebAuth and Guest Services

Lab 8: Implement Posture Service

Lab 9: Implement the Profile Service

Lab 10: Troubleshooting Network Access Control


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