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SQL Querying - Level 1

Course content

Lesson 1: Introduction to databases and SQL
Database concepts
Understanding SQL concepts

Lesson 2: Introduction to the SELECT statement
An overview of the SELECT statement
Syntax rules you’ll want to know

Lesson 3: Calculating data
Aggregate functions
Column aliases
Performing calculations
Date functions

Lesson 4: Selecting specific rows
The WHERE clause
The ORDER BY clause

Lesson 5: Working with other operators
Searching for text
Logical operators

Lesson 6: Grouping data
The GROUP BY clause
The HAVING clause
Comparing the WHERE and HAVING clauses

Lesson 7: Multi-table queries
Joining tables
Outer joins

Lesson 8: Querying a database using Access 97
Connecting to a database
Querying a database
Generating a report of the data

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