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BA14: Problem Determination and Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

Section 1: Introduction and Objectives
• What is a "Problem?"
• Why Problems Persist
• What is A Root Cause?
• What is Problem Determination?

Section 2: How to Organize for Problem Determination
• Roles and Responsibilities – Problem Ownership
• Determining availability of resources
• Assemble your Team
• Modes of Communication
• How to Resolve Conflict
• Case Study Exercise

Section 3: Select the Problem to Analyze
• Define the processes that will be used different situations
• Plan and estimate tasks for the team
• Finalize the plan and gain agreement among your stakeholders
• Case Study Exercise

Section 4: Problem Determination / Root Cause Analysis Steps
• Identify the problem - Developing your problem statement
• How was the problem detected and reported? – Gather and review existing information to determine contributing factors
• Document the problem - Refining the problem specification
• Create and execute a diagnostic data capture plan
• Reach an agreed understanding
• Organize problem resolution
• Analyze the problem and determine problem severity – Level 1, 2, 3 and 4
• Further Diagnostics necessary? - Other elements to consider
• Case Study Exercise

Section 5: Decision analysis approach and other techniques available
• Decision Analysis approach using the Kepner-Tregoe matrix
• Discuss other appropriate analysis techniques to determine the problem source
o Process Diagram
o Forms & Checklists
o Statistical Sampling
o Fishbone Diagram
o Surveys
o Charts - Line, Scatter, Bar, & Pie
• Analyze the results and iterate if necessary
• Identify Root Cause
• Case Study Exercise

Section 6: Solution Options Analysis and Selecting the “Best Fit” for problem resolution
• How to approach different solution options
o Brainstorming
o Weighted Evaluation
• Fix the problem
o Translate diagnostic data
o Determine and implement fix to resolve the problem
• Selecting the appropriate option – Interim and permanent solutions
o Confirm Root Cause addressed
• Close the problem
• Hold an Retrospective on your approach
• Steps taken to prevent reoccurrence
• Start time / End Time – How long did it take to detect engage, diagnose and recover
• Case Study Exercise

Section 7: Putting Problem Determination and Root Cause Analysis into practice
• Create a Problem Determination program within your organization
• Planning the proposal
• How to develop appropriate recommendations to address root causes at various levels to avoid future incidents

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