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CompTIA A+ Essentials 2009

Unit 1: Troubleshooting methodology
Topic A: Troubleshooting models
Topic B: Professionalism

Unit 2: Operating systems
Topic A: Operating system fundamentals
Topic B: Directory and file management
Topic C: File and folder permissions

Unit 3: Electricity and power supplies
Topic A: Electrical safety
Topic B: Power supplies

Unit 4: CPUs and motherboards
Topic A: Central processing units
Topic B: Packaging, slots, and cooling techniques
Topic C: Motherboards

Unit 5: The Basic Input/Output System
Topic A: The BIOS and CMOS
Topic B: The POST and boot processes

Unit 6: Memory systems
Topic A: Memory
Topic B: Memory packaging
Topic C: Memory monitoring

Unit 7: Bus structures
Topic A: Buses
Topic B: The PCI bus
Topic C: Video buses

Unit 8: Expansion cards
Topic A: Drive adapters
Topic B: Video cards
Topic C: Sound cards
Topic D: Internal modems

Unit 9: Peripheral connection types
Topic A: Serial and parallel connections
Topic B: PS/2 connections
Topic C: USB connections
Topic D: FireWire connections
Topic E: Multimedia connections

Unit 10: Data storage devices
Topic A: Hard drives
Topic B: Optical drives
Topic C: Removable storage devices
Topic D: Drive maintenance

Unit 11: Video output and image input devices
Topic A: Monitors
Topic B: Scanners and cameras

Unit 12: Printers
Topic A: Printing technologies
Topic B: Printer installation and optimization

Unit 13: Connecting computers
Topic A: Networking concepts
Topic B: Wired network connections
Topic C: Basic internetworking devices

Unit 14: Networking computers
Topic A: Addressing
Topic B: Client configuration

Unit 15: Portable computers
Topic A: Notebook computers
Topic B: Notebook issues

Unit 16: Monitoring and management
Topic A: System monitoring
Topic B: System performance
Topic C: System management

Unit 17: Operating system troubleshooting
Topic A: Windows startup
Topic B: System troubleshooting

Unit 18: Security
Topic A: Operating system security
Topic B: Windows Encrypted File System
Topic C: Security hardware
Topic D: The human aspects of security

Unit 19: Windows installation and upgrades
Topic A: Windows installation
Topic B: Upgrades

Unit 20: Safety and maintenance
Topic A: Safety and hazards
Topic B: Computer maintenance
Topic C: Safe work practices
Topic D: Disposing of computer equipment

Unit 21: Troubleshooting hardware
Topic A: Backups
Topic B: Hardware problems

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