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BAB605: Requirements Communication, Solution Assessment and Validation


This two-day workshop introduces participants to two of the critical components of the requirements cycle established by the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA™)—requirements communication and solution assessment and validation. It provides coverage of the processes and skills necessary for effective communication of requirements and interaction with stakeholders including conflict management and techniques for ensuring that the work of the project delivers a product that meets user needs. This workshop allows participants to practice the application of the skills and methods necessary for requirements communication and assessment of the solution and verification that it meets the documented requirements.

This workshop is part of the breakout series of Babbage Simmel business analysis workshops that explore in depth the elements of the IIBA’s requirements cycle. It is also part of the four-course sequence leading to the Babbage Simmel Business Analysis Certification Program



The following individuals would benefit from participating in this workshop:

• Project managers and senior managers
• Business analysts
• Project stakeholders concerned with requirements management
• Those who aspire to become project managers or business analysts
• Those engaged in improving the delivery of products and services that meet user needs


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2 days


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