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BAB-603: Requirements Planning, Elicitation, and Management


This workshop is part of the breakout series of Babbage Simmel business analysis workshops that explore in depth the elements of the IIBA’s requirements cycle. It is also part of the four-course sequence leading to the Babbage Simmel Business Analysis Certification Program.

Requirements planning is an often-overlooked process but one that is critical to the success of the requirements cycle. Requirements planning identifies how the business analyst will elicit, document, analyze, communicate, track, validate, and verify project requirements. Without agreement on a requirements plan, the business analyst cannot be certain that stakeholders agree with the scope of the effort and the methods to be employed.

Identifying project requirements is difficult under even the best circumstances. Often, requirements are poorly understood even by business users of the systems or products to be created by the project and by the project designers and developers. Users often have a difficult time articulating requirements, and, frequently, the requirements will need to be changed during the course of the project. Those who develop the product of the project may also bring their own biases to product design, which may further complicate the ability of the project to produce deliverables that meet user needs.

This two-day workshop introduces participants to two of the critical components of the requirements cycle established by the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA™)—requirements planning and requirements elicitation.

The goal of this workshop is to enhance the skills of those engaged in requirements elicitation and management and to increase the capability of an organization to deliver products and services that meet user and stakeholder needs. It provides a focused overview of both the “hard” and “soft” skills necessary for business analysis and an introduction to the processes included in the BABOK™ requirements cycle.


The following individuals would benefit from participating in this workshop:

• Project managers and senior managers
• Business analysts
• Project stakeholders concerned with requirements management
• Those who aspire to become project managers or business analysts
• Those engaged in improving the delivery of products and services that meet user needs


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