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Office 365

Office 365: Getting Started

This is a self paced, pre-recorded online session. 

Access for 6 months, includes printable workbook.


Module 01 

Office 365 Overview

Office 365 Overview

What is Office 365

Log on to Office.com

Demo - What is Office 365

How to Find Help

Demo - Finding Help

Setting Defaults in Office 365 Options

Demo - Customizing Your Office 365 Environment

Status or Presence Information

Demo - Status or Presence Information

How to Integrate Office 365

Getting Social in Office 365

Demo - Getting Social in Office 365

Module 01 Review


Module 02 

- Email, Contacts & Calendarm

Email, Contacts & Calendar

Using Outlook Web Access 

Using 365 for Mail

Creating Special Options

Demo - Working with Email

Automating Incoming Emails

Creating Your Email Signature

Demo - Automatic Options

Using Office 365 for Contacts

Using Groups

Demo - Using Office 365 for Contacts

Using Office 365 for Appointments

Using Office 365 Calendars

Demo - Using Office 365 for Calendars

Configuring Outlook

Demo - Configuring Outlook

Module 02 Review


Module 03 - Using the Office 365 Office Apps

Using the Office 365 Office Apps


Demo - Lync

Demo - Using Lync with Webcams

Demo - Lync and OWA

Status or Presence Information

Filling in Your Profile

Adding a Contact

Changing the Default Options

Demo - Filling Out Your Profile and Adding Your First Contact

Sending and Receiving Messages


Options for Creating and Saving Documents

Excel Web App

Demo - Excel App on 365

Demo - Excel Survey

Word Web App

Demo - Word App on 365

PowerPoint Web App

Demo - PowerPoint App on 365

OneNote Web App

Demo - OneNote App on 365

Module 03 Review

Course Closure

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Course Outline