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55169A: Installing and Deploying Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015

Module 1: System and Software requirements for Installation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015Lessons

  • Determine the correct edition of CRM for your business
  • Investigate the license models within CRM 2015
  • Overview the pre-requisite and supporting technologies
  • Overview the role of the CRM 2015 server
  • Overview the other technologies for CRM 2015


Module 2: Installing Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 ServerLessons

  • Identify hardware and software requirements for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server.
  • Identify hardware and software requirements for Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Describe the components that are installed during Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server Setup.
  • Create the CRM Website
  • Review the required installing user rights
  • Install Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server.
  • Identify known issues and troubleshoot the installation.
  • Post-install tasks
  • Describe how to install Microsoft Dynamics CRM using the command line.
  • Discover and install the Sample Data


Module 3: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Reporting ExtensionsLessons

  • Describe the relationship between Reporting Services and Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Examine the two types of Reporting Services reports
  • Discover why Reporting Extensions are required
  • Identify Requirements
  • Describe the CRM Report Authoring Extension


Module 4: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Deployment ManagerLessons

  • Investigate the role of a Deployment Administrator
  • Manage existing Organisations
  • Update Organisations
  • Manage Servers
  • Configure Access from the Internet
  • Create a New Organisation
  • Upgrade the CRM Edition
  • Redeploy and Import Organisations
  • Manage the Deployment using PowerShell


Module 5: Upgrading CRM 2011/13 to Dynamics CRM 2015Lessons

  • Upgrade Considerations
  • Versions Supported
  • Upgrade paths
  • Phases of Upgrade
  • Describe an In-Place Upgrade
  • Describe a Migration Upgrade
  • Describe upgrade options for additional components


Module 6: Email ManagementLessons

  • Describe the Email Processing Options
  • How are Mailboxes Monitored?
  • User Mailbox Records in CRM 2015
  • Email Address Approval
  • Installation of Email Router and Rule Deployment Wizard
  • Configuring the Email Router
  • Deploy Inbox Rules
  • Configuring Server Side Synchronisation
  • Synchronising Appointments, Contacts and Tasks


Module 7: Installing and Managing Microsoft CRM Client for Office OutlookLessons

  • Installation Hardware and Software Requirements
  • Identify the different Deployment Methods
  • Installing Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook manually
  • Configuring CRM for Outlook including configuring multiple organisations
  • Installing CRM for Outlook using the Command Line
  • Email Tracking and Correlation
  • Using CRM for Outlook Offline Capability


Module 8: Configuring Internet Facing DeploymentLessons

  • Describe Claims-Based Authentication
  • Requirements for Configuring an Internet-Facing Deployment
  • Valid Certificate types
  • Installing & Configuring Active Directory Federation Services
  • Configure the Claims-Based Authentication
  • Configure Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 to be Internet-Facing


Module 9: Maintaining a Dynamics CRM 2015 DeploymentLessons

  • Managing System Job including Bulk Delete
  • Changing Service Accounts
  • Disaster Recovery and Managing the SQL Databases
  • Managing Data Encryption
  • Troubleshooting
  • Configuring Tracing options
  • Updating Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 using Windows Update

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