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805715: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015/2016 Customization and Configuration

Module 1: Introduction to Customizing Microsoft Dynamics CRM


  • The Dynamics CRM project management process
  • Customization or Development
  • Dynamics CRM Solutions
  • Introduction to Entity Customization

Module 2: Building a Security Model in Microsoft Dynamics CRM


  • Introduction to the Dynamics CRM Security Model
  • Business Units
  • Security Roles
  • User and Team Management
  • Assigning and Sharing with Users and Teams and Security Roles

Module 3: Customizing Entities


  • Entity Customization Concepts
  • Create a Custom Entity
  • Additional Entity Properties
  • Modifying the Configuration of an Entity

Module 4: Customizing Fields


  • Field Data Types
  • Field Display Formats
  • Field Properties
  • Customize Existing Fields
  • Configure Option Sets
  • Status and Status Reason Fields
  • Deleting Fields

Module 5: Managing Relationships


  • Types of Entity Relationships
  • Create Entity Relationships One to Many (1:N) Relationship
  • Field Mapping between Entities
  • Many to One (N:1) Relationships between Entities
  • Many to Many (N:N) Relationships between Entities
  • Connections and Connection Roles

Module 6: Customizing Forms


  • Financial Reason Codes
  • Create and Modify Forms
  • Quick Create and Quick View Forms
  • Main Forms and Mobil Forms
  • Manage Multiple Forms

Module 7: Configuring Business Rules


  • Configure Business Rules

Module 8: Customizing View


  • Creating View s
  • Customization Concepts
  • System and Personal Views
  • Removing Unwanted Views

Module 9: Customizing Charts and Dashboards


  • Create and Modify Charts
  • Export and Import Charts
  • Create and Modify Dashboards

Module 10: Additional Security Options


  • Field Security
  • Access Team Templates
  • Auditing Overview

Module 11: Business Process Flows Lessons


  • Business Process Flows

Module 12: Adding functionally with Solutions


  • The solution model
  • Choosing a Solution
  • Importing and Export a solution

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