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Microsoft - Adoxio Online Portal Training

Module 1: End User Training
A great orientation to Adxstudio Portals, its capabilities, and its integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
Portals Overview & CRM Integration:  
Gives an overview on how portals enhance the capabilities of CRM and how out-of-the-box CRM features are integrated with and enhanced by Adxstudio Portals
Installation & Product Gallery:  
Overview of the Adxstudio Installer. Overview of what an Adxstudio Deployment consists of: data, schema, and code.
End-User Experience Session:  
Directed end-user demos and explanation of features based on customer needs.
Community Features: Events, Forums, Blogs, Ideas, Help Desk
Retail Features: Product Catalog & Shopping Cart
Optional: Bilingual Portal
Optional: Opportunity Management and Lead Distribution
Optional: Government Features - 311 Service Requests & Permits
Content Publishing:  
End-user guide to crafting web content using front-side editing capabilities.
Adxstudio CMS Components & Web Portal Basics:  
Guide to the entities that make up the Adxstudio Portals content management system and site map
Module 2: Styling & Portal User Configuration
Learn how to style the portal and configure user-related functions.
Portal Theming:  
How to use the included front-side framework to brand and theme your portal with minimum development time, while maintaining a slick, responsive layout
Liquid Templating:  
How to use the included Liquid Templating language to create powerful web templates and radically customize your portal - all without any code changes.
Registration & Invitations:  
In-depth look at configuration of out-of-the-box registration modes and invitation model
Authentication Options:  
A discussion of the OOB options that can be used to configure Authentication.
Content Authorization:  
How to assign rights and permissions to secure content and allow front-side editing.
Module 3: Entity Forms, Lists & Permissions
Create your own configurable web applications without the need for coding.
1.Entity Forms:  
How to render Forms on the Portal for arbitrary CRM entities quickly and easily by using the Out-of-the-Box Entity Form feature
2.Entity Lists:  
How to render CRM Views as Lists on the Portal using the incredible Entity List feature. We'll also deep-dive into Advanced Entity List options including Map view, Calendar view, oData feeds, custom actions, and Entity List Templating.
3.Entity Permissions:  
How to assign rights and permissions to arbitrary CRM entities, using the Adxstudio Portals Security Model
Module 4: Developer Quick Start
Start customizing portal implementations with web forms and code level modifications.
1.Web Forms:  
How to create complex and powerful multi-step wizards and processes on your portal, via the powerful Adxstudio web forms feature.
2.Portal Structure:  
Explanation of Master Portal Codebase, its OOB features and structure.
3.Developer Best Practices:  
How to go about extending the Master Portal Web project
Module 5: Developer Deep Dive
Further customize your portal implementation.
1.Page Templates:  
Creating new entirely custom Page Templates is easy with Adxstudio Portals. We'll discuss how to add new templates, as well as the tools developers can use to display dynamic content from the CRM, including Web Controls, Expression Builders, Ads & Polls, Comments & Ratings, and MVC Helpers.
2.Portal Development Basics:  
LINQ query adapter, Early- and late-bound queries, use of a custom code base, crmsvcutil, fetchXML, and Plugin Development.
How MVC fits into the picture of Adxstudio.
4.Project Management:  
Installation, Solution Management, Data management, and the concepts of schema, data, and code are explained. Overview of best practices for managing an Adxstudio Deployment..
5.Optional: E-Commerce  
How to add payment for arbitrary entities to web forms and/or shopping carts OOB using Adxstudio’s powerful E-Commerce model.

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