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80542A: Customization and Configuration in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013

Module 1: Introduction to Customizing Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013Lessons

  • Customization or Development?Microsoft Dynamics CRM SolutionsIntroduction to Entity Customization  

Lab : Create a Solution and publisher


Module 2: Building a Security Model in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013Lessons

  • Introduction to Business UnitsOverview of Security RolesUser Management OverviewTeam Management Overview Teams and SharingManage Security Roles for Users and Teams 

Lab : Configure Security RolesLab : Configure User Access


Module 3: Customizing EntitiesLessons

  • Entity Customization ConceptsCreate a Custom EntityAdditional Entity PropertiesModifying the Configuration of an Entity

Lab : Create Custom EntitiesLab : Create a Custom Activity Entity


Module 4: Customizing FieldsLessons

  • Field Data TypesField Display FormatsField PropertiesCustomize Existing FieldsConfigure Option SetsStatus and Status Reason FieldsDelete Fields

Lab : Create and Modify a Global Option Set


Module 5: Managing RelationshipsLessons

  • Types of Entity RelationshipsCreate Entity Relationships1:N Relationship BehaviorField Mappings in 1:N RelationshipsConnections and Connection Roles

Lab : Create New RelationshipsLab : Customize Relationship Mappings


Module 6: Customizing FormsLessons

  • Form Customization OverviewCreate and Modify FormsQuick Create and Quick View FormsManage Multiple FormsMobile Clients

Lab : Modify Form Layout and Add FieldsLab : Create a Role-Based Form for the Competitor entity.


Module 7: Configuring Business RulesLessons

  • Configure Business Rules

Lab : Create a Business Rule


Module 8: Customizing ViewsLessons

  • View Customization ConceptsSystem ViewsCreate Custom ViewsRemove Unwanted Views

Lab : Modify a Quick Find ViewLab : Create Custom Views


Module 9: Customizing Charts and DashboardsLessons

  • Create and Modify ChartsExport and Import ChartsCreate and Modify Dashboards

Lab : Create a Custom ChartLab : Create a Dashboard


Module 10: Additional Security OptionsLessons

  • Field SecurityAccess Team TemplatesAuditing Overview

Lab : Configure Field SecurityLab : Create and Configure an Access Team Template


Module 11: Business Process FlowsLessons

  • Business Process Flows

Lab : Create a Multi-Entity Business Process Flow 

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