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80239A: Extender for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010

Module 1: Installation and Configuration
Extender works by "extending" the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics GP; it is not intended to be used to develop new applications in the same way as other tools. In particular, it is useful for extending the application to manage additional data relative to Microsoft Dynamics GP transactions or master records. Extender does not have the ability to pull data from another source.

This module explains how to create additional data entry windows, additional window types, forms to capture additional data, actions, and describes extended security functionality.
•Terminology and Field Types
•Create New Resources
•SmartLists and Templates
Lab : Create New Resources
•add a New Window
•Add a New Detail Window
•Add a New Form
•Add a New Detail Form
After completing this module, students will be able to:
•Discuss the features and benefits of using Extender.
•Install and open Extender.
•Define common terminology.
•Describe field types and how they are used.
•Create new resources.
•Set up security for Extender resources.
•Use templates and add fields to SmartLists.

Module 2: Automation, Reporting, and Maintenance
Once new resources are created, you can use imports and macros, and you can copy notes from one record to another to automate data entry. This module provides information about how to perform these tasks. In addition, it includes information about creating menus on which to add the new resources to the menu bar, creating dialogs, synchronizing (or linking) tables to provide additional data validation, and creating views that link Microsoft Dynamics GP and Extender tables. You can also use the views when creating reports, and synchronize data by running check links. Finally, this module includes information about how you can mass modify Extender data by using the Edit Values window.
Lab : Automation
•Create a Menu
Lab : Reporting - Create a Report that has Multiple Key Fields
•Create a New Window
•Create the First Calculated Field
•Create the Second Calculated Field
•Test the Report
Lab : Maintenance - Add Extender Item Data to a Purchase Order
•Create a Calculated Field
•Test the Report
After completing this module, students will be able to:
•Describe automation features available in Extender.
•Create Extender views.
•Add Extender data to a Report Writer report.
•Perform maintenance in Extender.

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