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20532C: Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions

Before attending this course, students must have experience working with the Azure platform.  They will also have a general understanding of ASP.NET and C# concepts for the lab scenario.  Candidates experience can include:
  • Compare services available in the Azure platform
  • Configure and deploy ASP.NET web applications
  • Creating Azure WebSites from the gallery
  • Deploying and monitoring Azure WebSites
  • Creating and configuring Azure Virtual Machines
  • Describe the relationship between Cloud Services and Virtual Machines
  • Deploy existing Cloud Service packages
  • Create and manage a Storage account
  • Manage blobs and containers in a Storage account
  • Create, configure and connect to a SQL Databases instance
  • Identify the implications of importing a SQL Standalone database
  • Manage users, groups and subscriptions in an Azure Active Directory instance
  • Create a virtual network
  • Implement a point to site network


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4 days


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