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Adobe Acrobat X Pro: Level 1


Lesson 1: Accessing PDF Documents

Topic 1A: Open PDF Documents
Topic 1B: Explore the Adobe Acrobat X Pro Interface
Topic 1C: Browse Through PDF Documents
Lesson 2: Creating PDF Documents

Topic 2A: Create PDF Documents from a File
Topic 2B: Create a PDF Document Using the Print Command
Topic 2C: Create a PDF Document from Web Pages
Topic 2D: Create a PDF Document Using Email Applications
Topic 2E: Create a PDF Document Using Acrobat
Lesson 3: Navigating to a Specific Content in a PDF Document

Topic 3A: Perform a Search
Topic 3B: Manage Bookmarks
Topic 3C: Work with Links
Lesson 4: Updating PDF Documents

Topic 4A: Manipulate PDF Document Pages
Topic 4B: Edit Content in a PDF Document
Topic 4C: Add Page Elements
Topic 4D: Extract Content from a PDF Document
Lesson 5: Working with Multiple PDF Documents

Topic 5A: Control Access to Multiple PDF Documents
Topic 5B: Search Multiple PDF Documents
Lesson 6: Reviewing PDF Documents

Topic 6A: Initiate a Review
Topic 6B: Review a PDF Document
Topic 6C: Compare PDF Documents
Lesson 7: Validating PDF Documents

Topic 7A: Sign a PDF Document Digitally
Topic 7B: Verify a Digital ID
Lesson 8: Converting PDF Files

Topic 8A: Optimize PDF Files
Topic 8B: Convert PDF Files to Other Formats

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